Anyone trying Homiopathic medicine

there are few …dont know its effective or not …i am planning to see local homiopthic doctor… BUt i will continue my quitapine(seroquel)…

It will be add on to antipsychotic…

i tried homeopathy with a cpl of doctors few years back but it didnt help me in anyway

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@steffifan which homiopathic medicine did you take …Can you name them … I know few …

I suffer a lot from negative and cognitive symptoms… have you tried supplement like sarcosine l theanine etc…

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Homeopathic medicine does not work @far_cry0. It is a way of conning people out of their money.


hey @far_cry0 how can i answer that question.
i took the medicine that the doctors gave me.
they dont tell u the medicines name.

for me also its mostly negative symptoms.
i havent tried the supplements at all

i dont think homeopathy has any cure for our disease sz

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i agree with u @anon98459728

even another friend of my mine tried it and it didnt work for him and now he is back to allopathic

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thanks guys …Most people say homiopathy is no more then dummy …thanks guys…


I believe homeopathy is dangerous @far_cry0, it is not well regulated yet they are giving you potent levels of kind of unknown things…scary…don’t use it

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