Alternative methods of treatment

Hi everyone,

Has anyone tried homeopathy for treatment of schizophrenia? Has it helped?
What about the keto diet?

Thank you all.

Lots of users here over the years have posted that homeopathy has made no difference at all. I’m also not aware of any studies for homeopathy as a treatment, but many against.

I’ve done that plenty of times and there has been no noticable difference for me other than weight loss, which is the basis I recommend it on, not for SZ symptoms.


Homeopathy is 100% placebo.

Don’t waste your money.

There are some supplements to augment medication. There’s a lot of posts on the topic.


I tried going the all natural route. I ended up homeless, with none of my family speaking to me. Now, I take my medication and go to therapy. I am married, I go to sccool, and I just bought a house. I see my family every week.

Don’t ever try going the natural route. It ends badly 100% of the time.


They can’t even treat ‘simple’ diseases, let alone brain disorders…


Thank you all for your input. I appreciate it.

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Because they don’t work as a treatment for schizophrenia.

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