Im considering homeopathy


im going to do homeopathy for my schizoaffective disorder i think i will be a good candidate for it. what do you guys think of homeopathy.


Everybody knows it’s just a placebo … :roll_eyes:


Great idea if you’re not looking to recover or have quality of life, ever.


I tried it, one person a flapping their arm in the air saying if the arm goes completely down it shows I’m sick, another wanted to put some of my hair and finger nails in a machine that would give me energy no matter where I was, big waste of time and monry


Pure quackery. There is zero science to it.


being on ap’s is not quality of life


have you tried it?


I guess, but I’d rather be on a AP and endure the side effects rather than go unmedicated and risk my dignity and pose as a bigger threat to myself.


Someone who advocates homeopathy. She’s sorely misled, though.

You’re going to waste time and money on it!

Think rationally about homeopathy. They think that diluting a substance makes it stronger, so the more diluted it is the stronger it is. How is that scientific?


Married, a father, have a successful career, own property, good friends, fun hobbies, and financially comfortable.

Yeah, my life sucks so much on APs.

I got talked into it twice. Relapsed twice. The second suicide attempt damaged my liver some (Tylenol overdose).

What you’re pushing is at best, stupid, and at worst, deadly.

Not mincing words on this. Don’t want someone else getting hurt because of you.


Pure Quackery!!!