Anyone try kratom?

im about to order some red species kratom off the net in a few weeks. supposed to be the relaxing variety.

anyone try it?

It appears to give the same affect as an opiate and can be addicting after extended use. It also looks like it is a psychoactive drug.

Be cautious.

But no I do not have any first hand knowledge of it.

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yeah but it is a really variable effect depending on strain. course i have no experience. i will try it and write back.!

Yeah I went through a 2 month phase of using Red Vein Borneo via the toss and wash method. The effects were, as to be expected, extremely pleasant and consisted of pure relaxation, a warm blanket feeling around the body, mind and soul and deletion of my social anxiety.

It sounds perfect, which in some respects it is (except for the most foul taste I have ever experienced, followed by Peyote in second place) until tolerance builds and then you may find yourself using increasingly larger amounts.

I eventually weaned off the stuff as it is very addictive. If you were to get addicted as I did, contrary to drug forums underplaying its dependency risk, withdrawal does occur with some intensity. I have also withdrawn from Benzos, Antipsychotics, Marijuana amongst others.

My advice would be to use the stuff with extreme caution and closely monitor your intake.


I used to be really interested in that when I was taking lots of opiates, and also when I quit I thought maybe it could be useful for withdrawals but I never got to try it before the shop I saw it in stopped selling it. I’d be really interested to hear about your experience with it when you try it!

yeah I tried it once, hard to tell if it had any effect at all really.

Ive been using kratom daily for 5-6 months. I used it heavily for awhile drinking the powder. Not a good idea!!! Its very toxic. The natives never swallow the leaves other than chewing the closest they “supposedly” get is makin tea. Idk if the tea part is even true but for sure they only chew it.

Take my advice never swallow powder.

Other than that, muy bien.

I drink the powder again. I was using a different variety of it, not the pure leaf. Its kinda dumb to drink powder but its like drinking matcha tea. If ur too lazy to brew tea.