Anybody ever take kratom?

I take kratom sometimes and it helps with my symptoms. It’s a partial opioid so you can’t take it all the time or you’ll get addicted similar to coffee but worse.

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I know I could not take it. I have such an addictive personality.

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Yes and it helped my pain and mood. It’s a great supplement. It’s a shame the FDA is going to ban it. It’s like they ban everything that shows it helps.

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It’s legal in Minnesota so I tried the pill form. It relaxed me but otherwise it wasn’t very thrilling.

To get the best benefits you need to use the powder and make tea or fill your own capsules. The tea is naaaaasty, but works fast and well.


Makes sense with the lobbying power of big pharmaceutical companies they can certainly do it. It’s too bad too bc it does help people.

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I’ve tried it. Tastes really really really bad. Just go for the capsules over the powder. Might get some nasty burps but at least you won’t have the taste in your mouth.

Never tried Kratom but tried Kava.

Similiar Opiods, they’re ok for depression tho I think they’re not FDA approved.


I either mix the powder with water and drink it which is disgusting or I buy extract capsules and take those but it’s expensive about $10 per capsule

Is the FDA really going to ban it?? I need to stock up!

They did, then it was put on hold, I believe.

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I tried kratom about 18 years ago before I got schizophrenia. I enjoyed it. Reminded me off poppy seed tea. It’s a mild euphoria feeling. Calming and relaxing.

Might have to get me some.

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i used to take it but the day after taking it i would vomit and be nauseous the whole day, just the smell and taste of it make me gag. i cant even drink matcha because they smell exactly the same and taste similar

Poppy seed tea is awesome. In my country, it’s unfortunately very difficult to get the good stuff.

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Me too, I just love a good poppy seed tea. All my friends hate it but I enjoy it.

Guess everyone’s immune system is different.

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I have taken kratom (6 years ago) and I didn’t like it. I was depressed back then and as far as I remember it did nothing neither good nor bad for me.

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