Anyone tried trintellix?

Im restarting it, the first time it gave me a lot of dizziness and blurred vision, now i seem not to get them. Anyone tried this med?

I’ve been on 10mg of Trintellix for a long time. The only side effect I have from it, I think, is bad gag reflex (I randomly throw up in the morning sometimes). I think this side effect is from the Trintellix. Anyways, it’s been pretty dang good for my mood/depression, though, so I stay on it.

We believe Trintellix caused me high liver enzymes. I had to quit.

When did it start to work for you?

Not sure, it’s been so long that I don’t remember when it “kicked in”. Maybe a month or so? It’s a good med, I hope it works for you

Wow, how many meds did you try? I tried 4 and my Drs won’t let me try anymore meds.

I’m interested in trying Rexulti. It’s probably expensive, though. I’d hate to burden the taxpayer with it.

If you get a market releve from some of your symptoms I wouldn’t bother about the taxpayers. When I went on Risperdone 16 mg 30 years ago the taxpayers had to pay 1000 US dollars for my meds each month. If I would I know that my country taxpayers were Willing to pay for two of the new antipsychotics that ain’t gone generic. But my experiences with newer meds are that they don’t work as well as the meds created decades ago. The meds that I use now are the only ones that works really well for my illness.

I think most of my med’s have gone generic. I can’t imagine why anyone would object to them, because their price is falling all the time. Also, I can’t imagine someone liking one of the typicals, especially Haldol. They use Haldol to torture mental patients in Russia. I have never talked to anyone in person who liked Haldol. I’m starting to wonder if something is behind all this enthusiasm for the typicals.

I’m on Trintellix. It took a good three months on 10mg for me to feel better. Then the pdoc upped me to 15mg but didn’t notice any obvious changes. I should have gone to 20mg which the doctor recommended but I talked him out of it.

It isn’t on the PBS here in Australia so I pay about $70/month for it.

As long as I stay off the booze, it works really well.