Anyone on Trintellix/Brintellex?

Hi, I am currently on lexapro but I rememberee that I have 11 pills of trintellix. I want ti try again cause I am on different AP and lexapro kinda doesnt work anymore. I seem more depressed. Also I tried trintellix while being borderline paychotic and cant remember how it worked and I keep thinking how it would work now when I am stable. Can anyone share their experience with this antidepressant?

It made me vomit a lot. I stopped it immediately.

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Hmmm I heard that it can make people extremely nauseous. But as far as I remember I was on it for 3 weeks and wasnt nauseous, just some itching and I felt high like on mdma as I can remember posting and some ED problems. But like said I was on risperidone at the time. Now im on haldol and interested to see how it works

If you can stomach it, I don’t see why not give it a go.

talk it over with your pdoc… i wouldn’t start taking it just by myself without talking it through with the pdoc.

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I’m on trintellix, and it works pretty well for me. But make sure you talk with your pdoc before changing meds.

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