Anyone on Trintellix/Brintellex?

Anyone on it? Do you have sexual side effects? I want to try it again on haldol now and see if it works!

I’m on 10 mg of Trintellix. It works pretty well for me. My concentration is good and I’m more productive than I probably have ever been. I didn’t notice any sexually side effects, but it did make me a little nauseated when I first started taking it.

Any side effects beside nausea? Which ap are you on?

I’m on 20mg of abilify also. I haven’t really noticed any other side effects.

So you say it doesntcause ed? Im amazed, gonna ask to be prescribed. Also how do you sleep? Do you sleep more than usual? Is there maybe insomnia?

I don’t know if it would cause ed (I’m not a guy). Sleep is pretty decent. About 8 or 9 hours a night. Hopefully it works well for you.

Oh yeah sorry about that!

I had to quite Trintellix because my doctor suspected it was the cause of my liver issues.

High liver enzymes in tests.

I’m on it, I’ve quit it & restarted it a couple of times. Every time I get back on it things get better, especially at 20mg. It’s the only AD that seems to help me, it has the benefit of improving the general psychosis in conjunction with whichever AP I’m also on. No sexual side effects with some increased drive, better thinking & weight loss. Decreased threshold for mania in my case though, ymmv.