Anyone tried rhodiola for schizophrenia symptoms

I went into Holland and barret and saw rhodiola for sale, it’s meant to releive stress etc. anyone heard or tried this plant?

Here is the wiki page on it - I’ve never heard of it before.

No I have never. Is it for schizophrenia

I did, and I think it either interacted with abilify in a bad way, or I just had a bad experience with it. It’s on my shelf in the ‘do not try again’ section. I keep supplements that I had a very bad reaction to there to remind me. I should just write them down.

No it’s not for schizophrenia but it does help with stress. I took 2 last night and noticed a little bit of over thinking as side effect. But I was de-stressed. I have to take into account that I have stopped abilify for 1 year and its wearing off, when I was on abilify I could handle anything, but it’s wearing off so maybe I can’t handle rhodiola. I’m on risperidone consta now. Yeh I could take anything on abilify without any head paranoia, but risperidone I can’t. I’ll try rhodiola for a week and see how it goes.

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I have tried rhodiola. I had to quit it the second day because i felt that it increased my psychotic symptoms. As it might have been rhodiola interacting with the Concerta i take i might try it again when im off it.

I think it’s not for Schizophrenia. I’m taking them for depression. It does help you feel good. For some reason, it does keep me that active that I stay up late until 4am which BTW doesn’t give me enough sleep but once I get up the following day I still feel energetic (not sure if this is just a placebo effect) but yea, taking it with kava seems to be helping especially in stressful situations
I take 2 RR caps in the morning and at night with food. I used the ones from nature’s bounty but they’re not as effective as the ones from natural goal now.