Rauvolfia serpentina

you have had experiences or readed experiences on the use of bed Rauvolfia serpentina in treating schizophrenia? … what do you know about this plant?it’s a natural antipsychotic?can help those who are ill with schizophrenia?

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@andrea866 man its call sarpaganda in india …its a tranquillizer…I
its pic is

if u r from us goggle Ayurvedic remedies for sz in us…there u can find
fountainhead clinic .com google it try to explore it they might give u naturopathy treatment or homeopathy …
which iz again free of side effects .in case u have good money u can always try after all heath iz wealth …
if ur kind enough report us back thanks…

Its very effective. It works just like the meds. It makes you a litle tired. Apparently it has a warning that it can be toxic at high dosages. Iv tried it for two months and it kept my symptoms down.

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