Anyone tried Geodon?


I’ve been on geodon for a year. It makes me really drowsy all day but I’m learning to work through it. I’ve had no heart problems yet. I’ve been on it for a year and haven’t had any psychosis since.


I’ve been on geodon 80 mg twice daily since 2012. It’s very addictive and it’s like a hit to the head when you take it. You probably shouldn’t have to remember to eat. It will do it for you. I’ve gained almost 130 pounds on this drug and am slowly weaning off now. It’s hard as hell. Like heroin to your system so remember that before you take it. I get cheast pains and my body is in constant pain without it. I would say it’s more addictive than any benzo out there, but boi does it work. But it will take a toll on the body.


I’m coming off of medication too and can’t sleep. It’s not fun coming off of these. I’m coming off of haldol and you can’t just stop and switch. You have to taper off


Are you taking anything else besides Latuda?


Have you been on anything else?


I took fluphenazine with it but only 1 mg


All the atypicals pretty much except invega, clozaril, and Geodon. Even latuda. That’s why I tried to go the typical route and now I’m having movement problems so that’s why I’m coming off. I hated abilify out of all of them the most.


Latuda is weight neutral but from my experience, so far it hasn’t done anything for positive. It’s been 4 weeks, still waiting… :alarm_clock:


Yeah, abilify was so bad!!! I’m glad it works for a lot of people but had to get off of that ASAP. Currently on perphenazine 24mg and 120mg latuda, and nothing :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:


Yeah lol I lasted about 3 days on abilify


Lucky you, had to wait 6 weeks to get off :woman_facepalming:


Cogentin trazidone Lexapro klonopin


How long were you on it?


I take all of those except lexapro


6 weeks, 10mg and didn’t even taper off.


Is the latuda helping? 120mg here.


I just got put on latuda 60mg


Geodon didn’t help me. I took 160 mg and it didn’t stop the paranoia. I was on it for a couple years. It gave me insomnia. But the good news is that I had no trouble getting off of it. I cut the dose in half every month while increasing a different medication.


What medication are you on now? Are you sure Geodon can be cut? @Pianogal


My Geodon came in capsules. My dr order me lower doses until I was off it.