Anyone tried Flupentixol

The list of common side effects is massive!!!

Anyone tried it and care to share experiences with this med?


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I have been on it for years. I love it

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Do you get any side effects from it?

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I got akathisia on the oral tablet but changed to the depot and barely get any side effects from it. Is a powerful med. plus flupenthixol is quite good at lifting mood too. Sometimes it is used as an antidepressant

Was weight neutral for me

When I had Akathisia on Lurisadone, I noticed that it was worst when I took the tablets, then it wore off until my next dose.

Is this what you experienced?

I ask as from my limited knowledge of Depots is that they’re slow releasing and consistent in the body, whereas the pills go up and down between doses.

Maybe this might be the answer - a depot?


I like having a depot. It certainly is more consistent in the blood - you are right with tablets there are peaks and troughs.

I have found that sometimes the depot doesn’t last the full 14 days (or feels that way). The day before the shot can be harder than usual. But often they can change the timing of the depot to fix this.

Most docs won’t start you on a depot until you have taken the oral pills for a few weeks. Basically to see how your body copes with the med

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Makes sense.

Thanks @Jimbob for your input.

I have a call with the Pharmacist tomorrow, so we’ll see whether this could be an option or not.


They do not have it in USA.

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That’s weird. Not sure why. Just like the Amisulpride I take is not in North America

Give it a shot I’m on the meds Clopixol a stronger kind but very similar meds. Clopixol is stronger on the positives and are causing more side effects whereas fluanxiol is causing lesser side effects than Clopixol and works better for depression and anxiety.

Good luck with your new meds

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Taking flupentixol now. It gives me low sperm count and i sleep at least 10 hours a day.
Besides thatni get negative symptoms from it like every other antipsychotic drug ive tried. Low motivation apathy avolition. I get 30 mg an injection once every 4 weeks for the past 10 months.

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It used to be 40 mg once every 3 weeks but i got it reduced to once every 4 weeks. Afterwards i got it reduced to 30 mg. My plan now is to switch to seroquel in hopes it wont give me negative symptoms. I tried seroquel for 2 weeks at the mental hospital and i felt fine on it.

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I was also on Clopixol like @columbus . I had no positive symptoms but it was very sedating. I had some bad side effects. A very efective med which I used for about 2 years before I changed to Abilify.

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Thanks @columbus … I have been on Haldol before, but the side effects kicked my ass for a year and I came off it.

The pharmacist recommends Flupentixol as it’s still effective, but lesser side effects.

Good luck with it @Treter - let us know how the switch goes!

Im on a community treatment order so my doctor might not agree to my switch. I really want to get off the community treatment norder.

Sorry to hear that :frowning:

I hope you can convince them to switch your meds.

A well reasoned argument, I think you can’t fail