Anyone tried electro-convulsive therapy?

what it feel like ?
does this machine induce convulsions in body ?
i fear it too much i take medicines with no effect
i think if one day this machine put on my head and induced convulsion in my body
i feel it would be very frightening
thanks for feedback

You are asleep when you have ECT. ive never done it tho

I ‘tried’ it. Really wasn’t my decision – they thought it may prove beneficial as I had some stubborn symptoms that seemed to be heading in the wrong direction for years.

They do give you an anesthesia and put you under for the actual therapy. Nonetheless, not a pleasant experience from what I remember. For one, you are strapped down to restrict movement, and I had a reaction to whatever anesthesia they used where it felt like a burning sensation spreading through my blood… Then there was some ‘dulling’ effect after the therapy that is hard to explain. It felt like my brain had dramatically slowed down for a few weeks after therapy.

With that said, if I could have made a rational decision at the time, I would have signed up to be front of the line for ECT. It didn’t help in my case, but who wouldn’t trade 5-10 uncomfortable treatments for some long term relief.

I haven’t tried ect, but I have seen ect do a lot of good. I think the good it does varies from person to person. At one point I was begging them to give me ect, but they wouldn’t do it.