Anyone tried cbd?


heard it can help people with schizophrenia


I’ve tried it,

It helps with minor aches and pains,

Maybe some insomnia,

But never touched my schizophrenia related symptoms.


I also tried it. It calmed me down and helped with anxiety. It also helped me with sleep. It didn’t do anything for my psychosis though.


It relaxes me some while vaping, helped a little with anxiety. A high mg gel helped my pain levels for my arthritis. You need high doses mg for it to really do much unless someone gets a placebo effect. Costs too much for me to use it all the time.


I think it helped with anxiety and making me a bit more tired at bedtime, but the effect was subtle and my body always catches up so it started to lose its effectiveness.


I’ll try it. Whynot


I vaped some CBD. I didn’t notice a thing. Can’t remember what strength it was. Won’t bother with it again.


Yes, did not work for anxiety and paranoia, only meds did.


Ive used CBD for a couple of months now after quitting weed - and found im calmer and more relaxed. Certainly never a subtitute for proper medication but i find it helps as an addon.