Thinking of trying CBD

I’m thinking of trying CBD. My symptoms started due to too much THC and I’ve seen research that CBD can counteract the effects of THC. It also helps a lot with anxiety symptoms, which I struggle with. I just have to find a good source in NYC.

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Anyone with information on it please comment and continue the discussion.

Unless ur still smoking thc, i dont see the use in trying to counteract it


cbd is ok for minor sleep and anxiety… very minor… I get a headache vaping it and I know im no where near the therapeutic dose… I would recommend getting the edible kind… but don’t expect no magic from it…

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my symptoms started from using thc as well and i have tried cbd before and i didn’t really notice anything i don’t have much anxiety i tried to use it because i thought it would get rid of my hallucinations before i had working meds i only had enough money to get 1260 mg and i think i used it all in a day i didn’t know it takes a long time to work for psychosis like antipsychotics and i might have bought from a bad vendor because i got the oil on ebay i think there is a subreddit for cbd and these people use it for anxiety and pain mainly u should check it out you will probably find a good reliable vendor and other people talk about how it helps them i was planning on buying some a few days ago but the website i was gonna buy from was out of stock i think i need it tho for my mood

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I was thinking since I haven’t been the same since maybe it could reverse the long-effects of the THC.

I’ll check the subreddit out, thanks.

Ur really trying to reverse schizophrenia, i dont see how cbd has been shown to do that

Idk man I’m just trying things and seeing if they work. Gotta keep hope alive.

I second checking out the CBD subreddit, that’s been the best resource I found in terms of… vendor info, general info, dosage, etc.

It helps me a bit. Just enough that it’s worth it to me to take for the price. The most affordable vetted source I have found is Green Mountain CBD.

CBD clears my head, gives me a slight mood lift and sense of well being. I notice it also makes my vision a little sharper.

I understand that it’s also good for the body, like anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, etc. So I feel good about taking it just as a supplement.

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Most CBD oils have 0.3mg of THC in them, and so does hemp. THC is toxic for most people with schizophrenia, so you need to find a CBD oil without THC in it. If I have trace amounts of THC I can really feel it making me paranoid and my heart races.

There are newer CBD products without any THC, there pharmaceutical grade CBDs, and should help you more.

THC is toxic and cause allergic reactions in lots of people. CBD is SUPPOSED to be safer , but any amount of THC should be avoided in certain people. That’s what I’ve learned from my own research.

Try CANNAVAPE UK CBD, they say it has no THC , but I haven’t researched it enough yet to FULLY recommend it. Look around for THC free- pure CBD. :slight_smile:

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I take Hemp oil 500mg and CBD oil 5mg in the form of Vicanna capsules by the company: Natural Earth Supplements. There are companies that make capsules with higher levels of CBD oil, but I don’t want to go higher in the number of mg of CBD oil because CBD can interact with AP’s the same way that grapefruit does and can increase AP concentrations up to 700%. So, I take the smaller dose.
CBD oil helps my anxiety and my arthritis pain to the point where I no longer need to take narcotic analgesics at all. It also helps my anxiety to where I don’t need to take anywhere near as much Klonipin. I can cut my Klonipin down by as much as 75%

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