Do you have any pains

I have many illnesses and I take many meds. I also must use painkillers such as burana, because pain in my legs is sometimes torturing, especially when I start sleeping. I am glad that modern meds are good. What about you?

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I’ve seriously hurt myself during some of my earlier years due to an episode. I somehow fell out of a tree and really messed up my back. I don’t remember the falling, but I do remember the pain when I got sober. All I know is my back will seize up and I’ll have to get put on muscle relaxers at times.

Getting back into the pool and swimming for real and doing the water ex classes has meant that I haven’t had my back seize up in a long time. (past 6 months)

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i walk sometimes with the help of a cane , because of back problems.
i take anti inflammatories and take tumeric, and use magnesium chloride spray.
i have spent over a year and eight months of my life looking at the ceiling in extreme pain, and then the same amount of time shuffling around in extreme pain.
good times !?!
take care

I’ve been taking medication to lower my cholesterol for years. I did something to my back about three weeks ago, it hurt pretty bad. But I iced it and took some Ibuprofen and it has gotten better. I have hurt my back numerous times growing up from lifting weights or working and it always got better, but this time was the first time I was really worried it would not heal.
I could barely walk at one point. I always have to wear latex gloves at work, but I got a huge rash on the back of my hand and when I talked to a doctor about it today she told me I am allergic to latex. I can’t wear latex anymore, so I need vinyl gloves.