Anyone on Lamictal?

It used to be activating when I was on it years ago but this time around it’s mellowing me out.
Keeping me sedated but not fatigued so much.

I thought that this stuff would act more like a stimulant more or less.

I think that it’s starting to help with depression a bit.
I’m no longer spiraling downward into deep lows.

How does Lamictal make you feel?

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It’s good for my anxiety - 200 mg everyday


Yeah I take it with Depakote so I have to start off on a lower dose.

I’m glad it’s helping with your anxiety @Karma

It used to make me very anxious but now I think it’s helping with my anxiety also.

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Yup. Helps keep me from my massive depressive swings. Works well for me. No noteworthy side effects.

SZA- depressive.

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Good to know it’s working well for you @Ooorgle
I’m glad so far I’m not experiencing deep spiraling lows but I don’t like that it’s making me emotionally flat.

Maybe I have to get used to it?

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It may level out as your body becomes more used to it.

I personally blame the illness and breaks I’ve had for the emotional blunting, the anhidonia.

I hope it works for you.

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Yes my doctor wants me to give it more time, I just started.
Thanks @Ooorgle

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You’re doing great @Wave . Just hang in there.

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Yes thanks @SkinnyMe