Anyone take CoQ10?

I bought some mega CoQ10 because I’m experiencing some muscle pain probably triggered by my statin.

I want to start taking it but am afraid that I will experience some kind of negative reaction to it.

Anyone else take it?

Feedback would be helpful.

I normally go to to see about side effects etc.

What are the risks of taking CoQ10?
Side effects from CoQ10 seem to be rare and mild. They include diarrhea, nausea, and heartburn.
Risks. People with chronic diseases such as heart failure, kidney or liver problems, or diabetes should be wary of using this supplement. CoQ10 may lower blood sugar levels and blood pressure. Doses of more than 300 milligrams may affect liver enzyme levels.
Interactions. People taking blood thinners and thyroid medications as well as chemotherapy should check with their doctors before using CoQ10 supplements

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Thanks @everhopeful
I checked the side effect profile for this supplement but still am nervous about trying it.
I do have Diabetes so maybe ill talk it over with my family doctor before using it.
I also take 2 different high blood pressure meds, so maybe I should be careful.

Definetely talk it over. Diabetes and blood pressure issues might mean that you can’t take it.

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