Anyone take benzos longterm?


I take klonopin and it seems to help although the effect is not what it was at first definitely. I make a point of not increasing the dose, and appreciating the effect it does still have of which there is some. I know it has potentially bad long term consequences and I hope they don’t happen to me.


If I needed it I’d still be on benzos. I had the most crippling anxiety for a few years after a bad drug mix it caused me to live in a panic attack. I could barely drive. In order to drive I couldn’t go on the highway or in rain or night and I must have taken a klonopin 30 minutes before the drive. When I started naltrexone my anxiety gets better. Now I don’t have such issues. But if I did, I’d be heavily reliant on benxos still. They never decreased in effectiveness for me. At my worst I needed a milligram per day it was very effective. Now it’s beentwo months no benzo.


I’ve taken a benzo, on a daily basis, since 1988. I’m not addicted to them (needing more and more to achieve the same result), but I am dependent on them. I’ve always taken them as prescribed.


I started taking benzos about ten years ago but not everyday. Now i take alprazolam and a sleeping pill when needed.


My psychopharmacology professor said the tolerance for the anxiolytic effects of all benzos, given regular intake, is total, i.e. there is zero net effect on anxiety levels after a while.

The general consensus is that benzos are never indicated as a regular and long-term treatment for anxiety.


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When I quit abruptly benzos, one morning i didn’t take it, i had a catatonic episode, unable to move or talk


That’s a great example of how harmful this inappropriate prescription of benzos by less than knowledgeable doctors can be.


My second pdoc had prescribed Ativan 2.5mg 3 times a day. My current psychiatrist gave me Buspar, not a benzo


Have you noticed anything on the Buspar? :thinking::thinking::thinking:


I don’t know. I have no anxiety. Maybe it works


Coming off them is tough, but your doctor’s choice should inspire confidence in his skills.


Has anyone had addiction issues with something less severe, maybe like weed or cigarettes, and had been prescribed benzos? Did you have problems taking it as prescribed, or coming off them when you need to?


I’ve had addiction issues in the past with other drugs and never had a problem taking benzos.

First of all, they don’t get me high,

Second, I know that if I take more than prescribed, I’ll run out early and go into withdrawal.


Did your doc know about the other addiction issues? Did you ever get any enjoyment at all from taking benzos? I feel like I enjoy taking them too much.

I see that a lot of people on here take them with no problems, which kinda challenges my previous view of benzos. I’ve just hadn’t had access to them from my doc for so long that I’d occasionally resort to buying Xanax off the street. I’ve gotten to a point of taking so much in the past that I’d have severe withdrawals had I not taken some depakote to ease the withdrawal symptoms



I never told my pdoc about my other addiction issues,

They were a long time ago and I don’t want to be treated differently.

Considering you enjoy benzos and have bought them off the street,

I’d have to say they’re probs not a good bet for you.


@Slickrick, as far as I can tell, there’s no medical reason for you to take benzos.

I think you should drop this idea.


My pdoc knew about my addiction issues and still gave me benzos whenever I wanted for years. Fortunately I never had a problem with them. They either make me tired, do nothing, or kill my anxiety.

I’m glad tho


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