Anyone online for chat?

Anyone online now for chat? Feeling lonely and bored.

Hey what’s up? It’s 5 am here. I woke up 20 mins ago, killed 2 mosquitoes, then had a smoke. Waiting for sleep to take me away again.

Where are you? I’m in UK. 2.50 here. Can’t sleep. Had a good day on my diet today. Really hoping to lose some weight.


Romania. Eastern Europe. Yea actually 4.52am right now.
How many kg /pounds are you trying to shed? I’m about 8kg overweight. It’s not that much all things considered.

About 25 kg. I only eat 1200 calories today. Had low calorie rice for dinner.

Do you usually stay up this late?

I can’t sleep well with this hot, humid weather. We don’t have AC unfortunately.

Yeah I’m a night owl.

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I don’t watch football but if I’m not mistaken England just beat Germany a couple days back. Good luck on your next match. Who’s your opponent?

I’m not English. I’m Welsh so support Wales.

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How about tennis then? Do you watch Wimbledon? Sir Andy Murray is not doing half bad after hip surgery and being out for almost 2 seasons. There’s also Emma Raducanu, a rising British star. Her father is Romanian :grin:

Don’t watch tennis. Not really a sports fan. Is Romania a nice country?

It’s quiet and uneventful. But not that well developed. We lack in the public services department. You need to bribe officials to get things done properly. Same with some doctors. Gross.


It would’ve been Lady Diana’s 60th birthday yesterday. :cry:

Same thing when I lived in Syria. Glad that I am in Canada now.

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hope you get to feeling better

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