Anyone online for chat?

Anyone online for chat? Online and bored.

I’m available for a chat. I just finished my lunch and sat down to my computer. Where do you live and what time is it in your city/town?

I’m in the U.K. it’s 6.28 am. Where are you?

I’m in Nanjing, China. It’s 1:18 Pm now

Ook. What’s your job?

So, it’s early morning in your city/town. What are you going to do this morning? Any plans?

I quit job about 10 years ago due to the negative symptoms of Sz. But I still managed to do something everyday besides doing house chores.

What type of negatives do you have? I don’t have any plans for this morning. Going to brother’s house this afternoon. Yes it’s morning time.

Mainly extreme fatigue and anxiety. These negatives made me a disabled person who can not hold a full-time job.

Yeah I don’t work either.

Do you have negatives too?

I used to have them. Not so much anymore. What age are you?

I’m 54. And you?

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I see you are pretty young, there is a lot of time for you to spend.

Thanks. I’m hoping to do PHD next year.

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Maybe you can travel to every single town in the UK. I’ve watched a TV series about the railway system of the UK, about the cities and towns along the railway lines.

Yeah that’s a really good idea. Thanks for idea.

I checked that video clips it is called Great Britain Railway Journeys

Cool what’s China like?