Anyone on weight loss medications?

A couple are coming out which can reduce a lot of weight. One is Tirzepatide and another one, undergoing phase 3 clinical trials, is even better.

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Those drugs scare me. They can cause thyroid cancer. My aunt took ozempic for a while and now has a lot of thyroid nodules. So even if i needed one i would never trust them to take them.

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Really? I didn’t know that. This one is about to come, it is not out yet. I am hoping it doesn’t do those things, like cancer and stuff.

Mild side effects are fine. Remember, too much weight can lead to sugar, blood pressure, cardiac arrest, etc…

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If u notice all the commercials say “do not take if u have a family history of medulary thyroid cancer” they say that because the drug increases the risk. My aunt has no family history and still ended up with noduels. Now she has to get them ultrasounded regularly to make sure they havent become cancerous. I think she only took ozempic for a couple years.


It must be a rare side effect. I agree, the side effects are sometimes rough, but we, in our position, have to make a cost-benefit analysis.

@irrelevant i didnt know about that fatal side effect of ozempic is this the same case for mounjaro?

@angledangle i prefer drug like metformin it has proven therapeutic effect in reducing weight with tolerable side effect. also there is green coffee beverage that i drink daily and succeeded in lowering my body weight with no side effecte.

yes. any of them that say “do not take if ur family has a history of thyroid cancer” in their commercial have caused thyroid cancer in the animal trials. im pretty sure mounjaro says that too. they are very similar.

it kinda angers me how the pharmacuetical companies create these new drugs and they don’t warn people of the side effects. i think they figure they will make a fortune and then if they have to pay out some settlements decades later they don’t care because the settlements will be less than the profits. i even heard a guy on the radio say “these drugs have NO SIDE EFFECTS” its ridiculous.

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