Anyone on stimulants and did not relapse? Ritalin, Strattera, Adderall, etc

Anyone on stimulants and did not relapse? Ritalin, Strattera, Adderall, etc

Ldopa improved my negative symptoms, it boosts dopamine, but I would rather be on stimulants.
I asked my Dr about Strattera and he referred me to a pdoc, still waiting on their call.

How did you convince your Dr to prescribe stimulants?

My pdoc prescribed Ritalin and modafinil I said they could help hopefully help with motivation and energy level.
They didn’t help me though.


Well when I take Ldopa, I am able to exercise and hangout with friends for hours. Also playing video games for much longer. My focus and energy improved a lot

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For how long did you take Ritalin?

But do you have negative symptoms? Aren’t you currently working? I wish I could work, even part time. I used to work in accounting full time when I was on 80mg Latuda, didnt have much negative symptoms on it. Now I am on 6mg Risperdal.

I tried ritalin for a bit on a few occasions. First I took it for about a week or 2 but then I just abused it.

Then I tried again for a week and abused it again.

Then I took it properly for a few weeks and I was getting panic attacks and mild psychosis.

Modafinil woke me up but made my sinuses super swollen everytime I tried it.

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I do get negative symptoms but I try to push past it with forced habits. If I don’t I would 100% sleep for 12-15hrs a day and just sit on the couch.
I run on willpower lol.


My doc won’t prescribe stimulants because she does not want my voices to come back or get manic. :mouse::mouse::mouse:

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I have been on modafinil for several years. I don’t think it works as well now as when I first started with it.

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In my past lives, I’ve tried all of them. Low probability event and not worth it. Adderall is a fun med but doctors won’t prescribe it to me unless I get a legitimate diagnosis from a neuropsychiatrist. I had an appointment but cancelled the test because I couldn’t quit the monster drinks. I think stimulants would worsen my symptoms. It could cause permanent psychosis. My one psych doc gave me adderall once at the worst possible time while in patient and I had a severe reaction I think. I don’t even remember it and the nurse said either I wasn’t prescribed it or refused to give it to me after I had the bad reaction. I also had a negative time at the hospital.

I asked about adderall and stimulants and even modafinil. One doctor said it’s for pilots or fighter pilots. I took that in a past life and became more dissociated and delusional. People get tired of hearing about my past lives, but it’s like I go between simultaneuous worlds or existences for eternity like many worlds theory or something but it eventually either ends and then stops and reboots or I’m trapped for eternity dissociated. I realized the aliens can capture one’s soul aboard a UFO and stuff and send it through time – soul transfer. Happens too much and their affecting my reincarnation cycle for eternity. Trapping me in the year 2013 I think as a paranoid schizophrenic…

In this life I enjoyed Strattera since it was weak and a nonstimulant. I noticed some gains but it wasn’t that great.

I rather be low functioning and stable and happy than try new things and experiment. I have this delusion I’m a super genius. I read pot can help with releasing or expanding connections, but I tried that too and it didn’t work just made me more paranoid and sick and dissociated and delusional.

I stay away from all substances now. Just nicotine and caffeine. I’m so tired all the time and my mom thinks the energy drinks are zapping my energy away but I feel good and better when I drink them.

There’s no guarantee I would get an ADD-inattentive type diagnosis, but I suspected it. I also suggested I had DID/MPD based on my research. Hell, might as well add the whole DSM-5 to my mental health lol.

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straterra made me depressed but not a whole lot but no psychosis i guess just didnt feel like anything somewhar focuses

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In my personal experience, if you took the prescribed dosage of Adderall, Ritalin, you might be fine.

I believe Strattera is the non controlled substance version that came out because so many people were abusing the controlled substance stimulants; the amphetamine pills.

I believe pdocs are much more likely to try a non amphetamine medication (Strattera being one), than a amphetamine medication.

When abused, the amphetamine medication, can cause psychosis as well as other significant problems.

When you are schizophrenic, you already have psychosis to deal with, without the amphetamine (controlled substance) medication.

Like I said; you may be able to take the amphetamine medication without psychosis, with schizophrenia, if it’s not abused; but I’m not sure how the population, or the person struggling with schizophrenia, might do.

I’m also not sure of how a person might do when you mix a AP with a amphetamine.

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There is a user here who relapsed after being on Ritalin for 6 months. Its why I am trying find if there is ppl who are on stimulants and did not relapse. It seems that there is none so far but I remember a user who said she was on Adderall.

I once sweet talked a doc into Ritalin. Boy oh boy that did not work out.


It’s me. I’ve been on it since October, when my pdoc decided my main problem was a sleep disorder. I take a baby dose of adderall in the AM and it’s been helping me sleep properly at night for some reason.

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I think another user too, her name was rocket something.

Selenium is the closest thing one can compare with strattera. Its a essential mineral which is found to activate prefrontal cortex.

I think there was a guy here who has been using modafinil for 3 years.

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I was prescribed Adderall by a psychiatrist a few years ago while also taking Abilify. I relapsed pretty quickly. I don’t know what she was thinking. Terrible idea. Anyway, I think the biggest risk that comes with taking a stimulant is not sleeping and then becoming psychotic. Good luck and I hope you find something that helps you with your negative symptoms!

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