Anyone on milder antipsychotic got a job?

Just curious if anyone on milder antipsychotic got a job? If so can you tell me if you got a degree?


I’m on a low dose ability and I have a job I dropped out third year university


I’m starting a training program soon, on Abilify,
Hoping to have a job this summer.
I have a degree.

It’s been hard to work in the past.

  1. Yes, I have worked continuously for the past three decades.
  2. No, I wish.

I have a part time job at a tutoring center. It would be good money if I worked full hours, but I can’t really work full time hours anyway because of my hallucinations. I take a small dose of Zyprexa (5mg nightly) as my antipsychotic and the hallucinations usually stop or slow down majorly while I’m working. My shift is never longer than 3 hours though so by the time I start getting frayed nerves it’s time to go home. The hourly pay is high and it’s work I do sitting down so it’s great.

It’s not the kind of money you can buy a house with or anything but it’s a good supplement.

I have an Associate’s Degree, and almost enough credits for my Bachelor’s, but I developed sza and dropped out one semester shy of getting my 4 year degree. It wasn’t an issue for my current job, but it did close several doors for sure.


I’m only on 300mg abilify injections, which is the lowest for injections. I do have a job

No I never went to college


Abilify. I work part time and have a degree in philosophy


Looks like abilify is the winner, lol.

I’m also on it and able to work part-time.
I have a B Eng in computer technology.


I am on low dosage Latuda. Somehow worked during psychosis because I didn’t say anything. Still work, no degree though.


I think the difference between them is more to do with tolerating it

Olanzapine made me a total zombie

Others made me activated

Really the only way to know is trial and error

I am on 500mg clozapine and I am working

Very good med

Was too cautious about it before but I was left with no option

I was going to be sectioned if I refused it

They made it very clear that I would be taking it

In the ward round they had enough clinicians to do the section

Very intimidating and this whole voluntary thing only counts if you make smart decisions from their viewpoint


Wow! 500mg is a huge dose. I could hardly focus on 300mg. Good for you that your even able to work.



As long as I don’t forget a dose and get proper sleep seems ok

They just moved me onto oral suspension as the tablets were making me vomit at night

Seems to have worked


I have a Bsc in computer science , do you learn coding?


I had a job but at the moment I don’t.
I am still studying and probably will study masters degree.
I am on vraylar 6 mg,
And prozac 20 mg.


Yeah, I learnt a great deal about both hardware and software, going from low level (assembly language) to object-oriented programming (Java), functional programming (Lisp, Scheme) and rule-based engines (CLIPS).
It’s been almost 2 decades.
I forgot most of it in the meantime lol


I am thinking, i take medication to function working a paid job, or function enough to selfcare in mind,body, spirit (healthy diet, moderate excercise,meditation and hygiene). It not low dose or high dose, its the right dose of the medicine.

Andrew your life story reminds me very much of mine.I make small script in Python and Lua on mobiiles only. If you still like coding then do some Python scripts.
Python is very easy for beginners and very hard for proffessionels
What you write with 10 Java code lines you can do in one Python line.

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I’m on 80 mg of Latuda and 6 mg of Vraylar and I work part-time at a restaurant. I dropped out of college after my third year

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Is your part time not related to your degree?


Congratulations you guys.

You do so beautifully to be working.

That’s very well done if you all.

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