Anyone on lexapro

3rd antidepressant im prescribed for social anxiety hopefully this is the one .

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I’m on in it, 15mg does the trick. Been on it for years. Hope it helps you @Franklin

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I used to be on lexapro. It worked for a while, then stopped. That’s how my brain chemistry is.

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Like @JustTrish I was on it and it was working and then it just… didnt. Not sure why, but hopefully you get some relief with it

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I took it for like 10 years until I got a new insurance that didn’t accept it

Man I wish I could get on an ssri. They say I have to be on a stable dose before we can add things

Was on it for two years before the mania and anxiety became too much. I think I was on 20 mgs

Lexapro was the first antidepressant I ever tried. Boy it was horrible, definitely the worst. Gave me unbelievable anxiety to panic attack level and made my jaw stiff and felt like I was being gagged. I lasted like 3 days on it before dropping it I think.

But you can’t really go off of other people’s experiences because everyone reacts to these meds differently. What was a nightmare to me could be someone else’s perfect med that controls all their symptoms and gives no side effects.

I take 10 mg of Lexapro and it’s a miracle med for me. That’s not a huge dose, but it’s all I need to completely control my depression.

Social anxiety is not a problem for me, so I can’t weigh in on that in particular. I wish you the best with it!