Lexapro is making me feel good

Feels nice for a change

Post if you take lexapro


Yep lexapro saved me from daily dread.

It’s a good drug.


It is working so well for me too.

What dosage you on @mermaid1

It did nothing to me …!!! Good for u guys…!!!

10 mg in the mornings

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Yea it’s amazing stuff it’s helping me more than the APs…

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Everything seems so quiet now that I’m on lexapro.
It’s really put a dent in my anxiety. :slight_smile:

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Tried upto 20 mg. Didnt help.
But my anxiety and depression is re-inforced to happen multiple times everyday via bad experiences by random people.

i seriously envy people who get relief from anxiety from a normal dose of antidepressants. im maxed out on prozac and it barely puts a dent in mine and its the third ssri ive tried

I’m on 20 mg and it reduces the anxiety.

Sorry I really didn’t mean anything by my last post. Just saw that you stated Lexapro. My doctor keeps bringing up antidepressants. I’m too afraid to try them due to bad experiences in the past.

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Lexapro is wonderful.

Lexapro has helped me a lot.

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