Anyone on Caplyta?

I did the genesight testing earlier this month and Caplyta and Vraylar were the only ones on my Green list. Yellow only had 3, and I had tried them all and stopped taking them because of really bad side effects. Everything else was Red. So, I guess that explains why nothing has ever worked very well even on maximum doses.

Anyways, I started the Caplyta last week and I’ve not really noticed much yet. But I am definitely not as hyper as I usually am. I stare off a lot more and it makes me pretty sleepy, which is honestly pretty rare for me. Today is day 7 (I take it at dinner because it makes me so sleepy) and the sleepiness is slowly getting better. That first day I slept almost 11 hours if you add night and all my naps. haha It seemed like I was in bed all day long.

Anyone else have any experience? I’ve read the guides online, but I’m more looking for personal experiences. And yes, I know meds affect everyone differently. I don’t care.

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And good it works!

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