Any news on caplyta?

There was a commercial on the Wendy Williams show they are seriously selling it now

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Some users here were on it. One liked Vraylar more but Caplyta didn’t cause weight gain compared to other meds. He said he ate half on Caplyta.

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Im wondering about Caplyta as well.
So far the online reviews have not been very favorable.

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I see commercials every day on channel 4 in Jacksonville.

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I love the commercials it like you can have a normal family and get better.
Love will heal the wounds of sz.
Plus it claims you don’t need to titrate.
It shows all these happy families that may not be real but it’s a nice delusion. :wink:


Those side effects though :joy:

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I guess it’s pronounced CAPL(Eye)TA

I was pronouncing it differently, with a short i

It’s a load of money making crap. Even the good reviews I don’t believe.

It failed the trials and yet they pushed to get it out.

People in the trials hated it and they wouldn’t even let them poor people leave the trials, even with horrendous side effects.

They spend millions, even billions on trials and creating the drugs. They want their money back some how.

Please prove me wrong.


Maybe because you’re Italian, I see lots of i’s in Italian :grin:

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Johnnyboy tried it, he said it works better for his positive symptoms but worse for negative symptoms. Also he ate half while on Caplyta. He’s asking his pdr to mix Caplyta with Vraylar. I never tried it so just saying what he said.

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My pdoc said flat out it’s a drug that’s gonna kill she won’t write it for any patient. She paid for access to review sites on her own dime to get honest feedback on it. Her nurse sat with her and they printed 40 pages of how bad it is to hand to me.

I did earn a 25 dollar amazon giftcard for a survey site I do that the Capalyta makers asked what I thought of a certain commercial they were going to put out, so I got to get paid to tell them what ■■■■ their product was.

My kids got some Persona 5 gear from that giftcard, lol.

Here’s the latest

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