Anyone on 30mg aripiprazole? Did you up aripiprazole at some point?

Hi I need to up my Abilify I’m still very tired all the time
I think 15mg isn’t enough I want to try 30mg
My other anti psychotic is very sedating I’m on clopixol
I’ve taken both at once for a while now
Is that a good reason or a bad reason to start asking to up my aripiprazole?

Or is this too high dose for poly pharmacy?

Medicine dosages are probably a question for your pdoc.

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Just after anecdotal Before I speak to them

It’s might be difficult for me because I have Been discharged from psychiatric care after 15 years of being well
Not my decision moved to an area with no support

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I take 30 mgs Abilify.

It doesn’t affect my energy levels. I feel there are no side effects from this medication.

I don’t think this is necessarily a high dose if you are taking multiple APs. I have taken Abilify 30 mgs with Clozapine, Abilify 30 mgs with Seroquel 800 mgs, Abilify 30 mgs with Latuda, etc, etc…Now I am on Ziprasidone/Abilify combination.

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I’m on Clopixol with atypicals likewise. Uppering will improve your positives and affectives and worsen your negatives slightly.
Good luck with the increase

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