Anyone on 2.5mg of abilify

Anyone on 2.5mg of abilify???

I am going to 2.5mg today, dropping from 5mg.

Dropped from 10mg to 5mg with little side effects.

Wondering if anyone could share their experiences with me.

I wish you good luck. I’m on 20 mg. What side effects have you noticed? I know I was really sleepy below 10mg.

Main Side effect of abilify seem to be a drop in intelligence. (cognitive function)

I think abilify is better than the zombie pill flupentixol I had before it. I got access to my brain again ands it was easier to think. But I’m still “stupid”. Maybe it’s Abilify.

Day 2 and everything is going fine, hope I don’t jinx it.

I think abilify takes about 3 days to get out of your system anyway.
So dose reduction may not have kicked in yet.

during weaning antypsychotics I could feel changes after 3 months. 3 days is to early to say what is happening

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It takes a lot longer than 3 days to get out of your system.

Thanks for letting me know that.

In response to the side effects, I experienced while dropping meds.

Increased paranoia…

sometimes people think that they getting side effects in my case that were symptoms of weaning of meds very bad ones. You need to be patient.

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What changes could you feel after 3 months?

Its been 11 days and I feel really different already

More anxious
Short tempered
Loss of concentration
Disturbed sleep
Preoccupied with things
Loosing memory

Suprisinlgy no increase in paranoia.

I am talking to the doctor asap, I feel like its coming back.

I am weaning drugs 14 months already. At the moment flupentixol 0.5 mg. One week ago I started 0.5 mg every second day. I am going through nightmare:
sleeping problems-I use over counter sleeping pills cheap one, only if I need them
More anxious- very bad I worrying a lot
Loss of concentration- yes I am very tired and can’t concentrate at college
Cold sweating- very bad I just can’t manage
problems with stiffness in my hands
Headaches -electric shocks heavy head, yesterday I thought i will be sick because of it
muscles pain- a specially in legs and similar like rheumatism
Low mood crying and feeling bad
I just feeling tired of it but doctors are saying to stop drugs. I had second opinion they had changed my diagnosis to acute psychotic episode.

Thanks alot jo35

I have do some researching and seems like most of these symptoms are related to withdrawal which seem identical to early stages of psychosis.

My depression has improved a hell of a lot and the symptoms seem to be getting less strong.

I guess I am going to take a wait and see approach.

why do you want to delete post?
After weaning them I just think to give myself time about 6 months that’s the time when psychosis can come back. However I had just one psychosis.

If you have had more than one period of psychotic symptoms and stop the medication, the symptoms will usually return within 6 months.

I don’t know why I deleted it.

Thanks a lot for all your help jo 35

Really worried its going to come back on such a low dose.

Maybe give yourself a time stay on low dosage for about 6 months. Weaning antypsychotics is not easy and should be done slowly. I was decreasing my dosages every 6 weeks 0.5 mg. Later I had problems and I had stayed on 1 mg for about 6 months. If you had one psychosis you should be more optimistic:)

I had 2 episodes about 8 years ago now. diagnosed with schizoprenoform.

Doc said there were mild but they did not feel mild to me.

I think your approach to reducing antipsychotics is perfect, I reduced from 10mg of abilify to 7.5mg for 3 months.

Then dropped to 5mg for 3 months and now on 2.5mg.

I would be happy to stay on 2.5mg for life, ( it cost a bit more but worth it)

Thanks for the link to very helpful

Did you mean you stayed on 1mg of abilify for 6 months?

Yes I did stay on 1 mg of flupentixol for 6 moths. I was just panicking that psychosis will come back but obviously after psychosis we can be scared also side effects off weaning off are confusing.

If you do well on 5mg of Abilify or lower, you have very mild schizophrenia. Abilify starts to control psychosis at around 10mg. 5mg and lower doses is usually for depressive episodes

I did not know that.

I was diagnosed with a schizoprenoform, which goes on to become schizophrenia in most cases.
Schizoprenoform is a milder episode of schizoprenia, but it still feells like hell.

Could this mean my psychosis is under control, or could it flare up within 6 months of dropping to such a low dose.

What do you mean exactly by depressive episodes?
Do you mean just periods of intense depression followed by periods of mild depression.

I feel like my depression is just flat and only escalates when I don’t do exercise
However my depression is getting better on a lower dosage. I don’t know how that works.

When I was on solian and I was depressed it only got better when I went on a higher dosage.

Thanks wave.