Anyone on 2.5mg of abilify

Hi @anthony I have been on Abilify when it first came out and remained on it for years, I will be honest about it, Abilify did not help much, but that could be because i suffer from more moderate schizophrenia symptoms, Abilify helps many people with milder forms of SZ. It is a good antidepressant type med at doses lower than 10 mg. When I say depressive episodes, I mean depression, but probably the milder kind - for me I found that Abilify worsened my anxiety and paranoia it can be activating for many

Just letting you guys know, I am doing quite well on 2.5mg of abilify, Its been 2 months.

I had a lot of interrupted sleep, and some mood swings, but it seems like things are improving.

No increase in paranoia etc, some effect on the negative symptoms.