First episode psychosis

I had my first episode of psychosis in February this year and have just been reduced from 10mg of Abilify to 7.5.

How long will it be for my body to adjust to this new dose level and for me to notice the difference?

dont mean to be a downer but i did not notice a difference when i went form 10 to 7.5 abilify

everyone is different though

good luck mate

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I’m on Abilify and it takes at least a month to notice a difference when stepping down doses.

But I’ll echo what @anon90843118 said,

You’re probably not going to notice much of a difference.

That’s not a significant reduction.

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Thank you. The plan is to reduce to 5mg if all goes well over the next four weeks.

Small steps

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I reduced until 2.5mg and then stopped. I got psychosis after slightly over a year.

I’d take and appreciate the year to be honest. No more drinking or smoking cannabis ever again and just hope for the best.

I am now on a sub therapeutic dose, so I’ll just have to wait and see.

What year? It was a year of hell. I called cops many times and told them I am Jesus and that jews are trying to kill me with a radioactive poison on my thermos. I even emailed the FBI many times about it. I went to Germany thinking I will be the next Hitler and I was about to stab myself after buying knives.
I was freezing a lot and had catatonia. Federal agents came to my house thinking I am in ISIS and nearly arrested me until my brother told them I am schizophrenic and not taking meds.

I hope it doesn’t happen to you but stopping meds is at your own risks. I asked my psychiatrist to stop my meds and he did. I regretted it.

I nearly got arrested in Germany bcz I was talking to myself, I paid the fine but they were about to lock me there in mental hospital. I would be dead if my parents didn’t come from Canada to pick me up.

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