Anyone obsessed about their health?

I have a voice telling me I’m dying and I’m sick etc all the time. I even have dreams that I’m ill. I ring the healthline 1-5 times a day for reassurance. I can physically feel that I’m sick…it’s definitely not anxiety…I’m just getting anxiety from it. Have you or anyone experienced this? Is this psychosis? What can I do to stop this from getting out of HAND?


I think u should consider speaking to your therapist. It could be that you have a paranoid delusion of dying. Maybe you making yourself sick by believing you gonna die. I also struggle. I have a voice that is trying to steal my innermost will to live. Even my will to pray, it feels like a dark spirit attaching itself to my innermost feelings and thoughts. It is a nightmare.

İ got similar feelings but its more like syberkondria and hipocondria.i always find something wrong about my health and digging in web medicine articles.

yea i have
if this is out of hand you might be becoming psychotic
i have health anxiety most days, involving writing down symptoms and looking stuff up on line and phoning doctor
but this is normal for me
when very unwell i stopped eating because i thought that my stomach had split off from my oesophagus and took freezing showers for 20 or 30 minutes 3 times a day frequently becoming mildly hypothermic
that for me is the difference
please look at what i have written and compare what you are going through
i find that if i think i’m dying it can be either health anxiety or something like severe psychosis
i hope you can find the line for yourself
please get help and take meds

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Thanks for your reply…I’m seeing my psychologist tomorrow. My pdoc has put my meds up and it seems to help a bit. I still have rung today but I think they are getting sick of me…they completely dismissed my complaint s and told me to talk to my psychologist. I’m a bit upset about it and want to ring again…

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Yea I am. Reason being cos I’m unhealthy. So obsession is my way of my body telling me I must change something!

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I don’t think I’m obsessed but it’s on my mind a lot. I worry about my increased heart rate and my decrease in exercise. Maybe a slight increase in the sugar I eat. One night a while ago I found it hard feel my heart beat and I got scared and went into urgent care.

i think they only get fed up with people during the covid crisis
they are stressed because they are watching people die all the time and have fear for themselves and their family
and are totally overworked
the service here has usually been patient and understanding of fears
they are human and understand

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