Anyone miss being psychotic?

I seem to miss being psychotic sometimes there’s something about it that is hard to explain but I can’t be the only one that feels this way am I?

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Humans are creatures of habit, we miss stuff even if it is not good for us


No i had bad delusions and voices were scary plus i did something stupid (self injury)

I fear psychosis. I don’t want to relive my past experiences.

I miss two of my voices but I’m also afraid of hallucinating again

Yeah I know the feeling. A dream like fantasy world full of grandiose ideas and delusions that give a purpose to meaningless life etc


I do too for some reason, I think it’s because as schizophrenics it’s our natural state

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Perfectly describes how it feels for me.

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This, so much.

I’m currently going through heartbreak and I’m living that phrase right now.

the fact that I’m a mj addict lends some truth to your query. I get mildly psychotic when I use. It consists of racing thoughts that elicit emotion, laughing and crying. Another feature is the multiple characters I can voice. But I tend to engage in risky behavior when on cannabis. Welcome to my funk.

My psychoses had a euphoric component to them. They felt good, but in short while I would twist off into la la land, and then get in trouble.

Yes, I find being normal boring. Like going back to boring Kansas after spending a week in Oz.

I miss being psychotic like I miss getting kicked in the balls occasionally when I was playing tackle football as a kid.


I hope it doesn’t happen again

Feeling high dopamine, and having grandiose delusions, can be alluring. But what I would miss most is having normal feelings, because most antipsychotics can block your ability to feel anything. On Seroquel, I feel pretty good though.

I do not miss it, I panic when I have psychosis I don’t feel like myself.

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I miss one of my voices. He was very friendly.

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Yeah i feel that way to somtimes. I just wish the actual experience was as good as my memory of it. I think it always, looks and feels better in a memory or an after thought for me personally. Its definetly not boring. Boredome seems like it can kill me sometimes lol

If you’re bored with life, then you’re doing something wrong.

edit: Who tf am I kidding? I get bored too. Just waiting for school to start I guess, doing what the hell ever to pass the time.

I don’t know how you could miss that. nothing scares me more than my delusions and being psychotic. It’s like my worst fears realized and I’m living in a different world. Now that I am on anti psychotics I look back and realize I had no control at all…