Anyone miss being psychotic?

I know the feeling - sometimes I miss my symptoms too when I’ve been stable for a long time. But as @Mountainman said - we are creatures of habit and must get used to a new better habit. Harder than said though!

I really miss my angel voices - they used to give me comfort and company. But i was getting too delusional on them. Im better off medicated.

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i am half in half out and want out its a bloody nightmare so if i could leave this all behind i would the paranoia and self absorbed obsessive thoughts that i have can bring me to my knees when all my fears start to come to be a my reality

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Thank you @mermaid1, I appreciate the support.

absolutely not.

I did like losing weight during psychosis thou…

Do I miss being psychotic? Hell no.

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I don’t miss it at all. I was terrified. It nearly destroyed my relationships. It was damaging. I lost a lot. I left my job because I couldn’t do it.

All that to say, I have told my counselor I miss my voices. That life feels quiet and boring. But I wouldn’t change it for anything. I never want psychosis again.

I don’t miss being psychotic but sometimes I miss being on the ward. Someone else did laundry. Someone else did meals. Someone was always there to help me feel better. I could really relax and work on just me for a few days.


Yeah, me too. I only have two left.

OHN I would never want to be psychotic again.

When i first became free of voices I freaked out and handled it badly. I eventually relapsed. Recently I had a second period voice-free and handled it better. I definitely don’t miss the voices when they were talking 24/7. But in more recent times when they were nicer and they were the only ones to talk to it was kinda nice to have them around. But now I deal with people every day and the voices are not needed so much for company. So it’s appropriate that they aren’t there very much.

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I miss my psychotic period because my head didn’t hurt 24/7, but other than that I didn’t have the insight to find good treatment, so it’s not like going back there would have made a difference.

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