Anyone making changes to their lives because of Earth's Climate Emergency?

I have sworn not to be like this but there i was buying new bowls and buying foundation, mascara and blusher
and 2nd hand clothes ( progress )
I had an actual tattoo to represent all the little decisions and already in 2 months i failed
i can’t stay vegan
can’t stay off sugar
can’t stop buying ■■■■ on the internet

I KNOW I have compulsive obsessive personality
so each thing i want i want it like an addict
nothing in my mind until it is done

that has shut up a bit
my taking the mobile away from my face for 10 days now has helped
i got an archaic phone when my smartphone broke
not getting another smart phone

this will hopefully get me more connected and maybe easier life

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I give some thought to the food i eat and most days i end up eating biscuits and chocolate after my vegan food
I swear against buying stuff on line only to order environmentally soundly produced products which have to be POSTED to me
vegan sugar free days followed by a day where i binge huge amounts of rubbish and then bought a leather purse
it’s insane
I’m a part of the problem.
been on 49 flights in 10 years
been a fashion victim
been a full meat eater at times
I’ve got through a few cars
how do you decide something and commit?
how can we know this stuff and do nothing?

extinctions sea levels pollution diseases climate oceans palm oil plantations

I do small things like bring reusable bags to the grocery store. But I could do a better job at recycling though.

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I cancelled my yearly vacation to Antarctica due to melting ice.

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I eat vegetarian diet and recycle over half my rubbish. Love second hand clothing :blush:

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I’m vegetarian, thinking of becoming vegan, recycle and buy second hand clothes off ebay. I also started using shower bars instead of bottles of gel and shampoo bars etc.


I buy second hand clothes on sale at thrift stores. I’m frugal with my money. I do eat a lot of sugar. I hardly ever go anywhere because I live at an assisted living center for the mentally ill. I buy second hand books very cheap at the thrift store. I got a Complete Works of William Shakespeare in excellent condition for $1.07 at a thrift store. I donate money to different causes. I do overuse the air conditioner.


Yah, I stocked up on plastic straws when I heard they were banning them. Lifetime supply laid in.

my gf doesn’t want me to use plastic straws so now when were out she brings me a metal straw :smile:

oh and drinking a slushie with a metal straw = mega brain freeze :joy:


The local school was encouraging those until one of the little darlings figured out he could sharpen one end on the pavement. Nothing like a principal sactioned shiv in your backpack. Now they’re touting paper straws.

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all it takes is one little punk and were in a strawless society.
sippy cups for everyone :blush:

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Paper sippy cups.


eco grade organic plant based paper cups

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Been working through the grief that this may be the start of the extinction event and that I helped bring it on. Now I question what I value and try to let go of things that don’t align with those values. Feeling better about myself and having more compassion for others. Not blaming anyone cuz a lot of us were conditioned to live the way we live, no regard for Nature.

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Thanks Justb
I relate to all of that
i do not really believe the millennial and post milenials will forgive us that easily
when it was the ozone layer i hated my parents for not changing the world
felt awful towards them for over a year

I am a vegan.

I bring material bags when I do my grocery shopping.

I carry a reusable coffee mug in my handbag and a bamboo straw (not that I can afford to eat out often).

I will become a ethical vegan is my plan which means I will try to stop buying leather, feathers (I love the look of feathers n leather)(but there are alternatives)(love feather art and clothing)
I will have to save up and buy vegan shoes, vegan handbag etc

I plan on buying rice gladwrap .
It’s not plastic but made out of rice.
Expensive though.
Around $12-$13.

I plan on buying mesh bags for fruit.

I buy organic cotton .

Oh guyzzz there’s a great makeup called very vegan that is vegan :open_mouth:and cheap​:open_mouth:.

Most vegan makeup is soooooo expensive but this one is really cheap.

I buy it from chemist warehouse.

I have the eyeliner and mascara.:heart:


In Canada they are slowly working on not allowing plastic bags from stores. I’m going to start bringing grocery boxes. Much easier.


Forgiveness or not, there is work to be done. If we waste our time on hate and separation then maybe we deserve what may or may not be coming. I realized that my parents were taught by their parents who were taught by theirs etc. At some point we need to stop passing on blame and dysfunction and forgive ourselves. We knew not and now we do know. So what do we do with that awareness?
be well


I recycle and sold my car.

All the stores switched to plastic from paper in my youth because we were worried about deforestation. Now we’re worried about plastic in the ocean. Funny how the province of Alberta’s oil can’t make it to tidewater, but our straws can?!?