Anyone love Ru Paul’s Drag Race?

I’m addicted
I relate to these queens as an outsider with big dreams



What’s Not To Love?.


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What is that? Are you a straight woman? Lots of straight women love drag queens.

And yes I love RuPaul’s Drag Race.

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As someone who struggled to fit in.

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Shantay you stay

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Are you gay? I saw some drag queens perform in a gay bar when I was 18 and I was completely mesmerized. I haven’t been much to gay bars so I’ve mostly only seen them during Pride festivals since then.

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Awesome show. Love ru Paul.

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Thank you xx Blow kiss and hearts emoji !

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I’m a straight woman, always been girly but always felt half wrong about It.

Not really ventured anywhere outside the most very normal

I’m talking about my self esteem really

But as a mildly autistic schizophrenic, I’m not comfortable with my quite strong androgyn side

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I think RuPaul is amazing, very gutsy. I am a little put off by the extreme flamboyance of the show, I would rather see trans women portrayed as Everyday People

But that’s just me. I do watch once in awhile

Thanks for being an ally. It’s good that not only LGBT people like RuPaul’s.

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That’s not the idea, though
I’ve had that thought myself many years ago… Its not ‘just’ transgender
They are Drag Queens!


They are not trans women.


@anon9798425 I use the word trans in a fairly loose fashion here. Including anyone who identifies as the sex opposite of what they were assigned at Birth

It’s how they identify, not whether they have had surgery or not

He’s had some transgendered contestants on there.

@Cragger they identify as male. AFAIK there has only been one trans woman in the history of the show, and that was controversial. Drag culture is part of gay culture. Drag queens are traditionally gay, cis men.


I only remember one, were there more?


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Perhaps you are more informed as far as terminology

Oh right. They announced it after the show. Except Gia, who was an out trans woman in her All Stars season.