I wish I were as pretty as RuPaul

I’m watching RuPaul’s Drag Race and wishing I could be painted and dressed up like a drag queen just one time.

I think that would be the most fun ever.

It’d be awesome to look as good as one of these dudes look.

They’re so pretty.

Would you want to be a drag queen for a night?

Obviously, I would.


The thought has come across my mind a few times.


Yea why not? I would probably enjoy it. As long as they don’t shave or pluck my chest hair lol.


When I was 23, a girlfriend put make-up on me. I didn’t look pretty :joy:

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my gf when I was in my twenties put make up on me…I make a rockin’ woman…haha


Local club near me does weekly drag shows.

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I would be a very ugly woman.

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Hmmm not really I don’t like caking myself in make up even for a day.

But yes RuPaul is fabulous

I used to dress my brother up as a girl when we were young. Tights on his head for hair. A bra and one if my skirts. Then he would pose for me and I took photos… :laughing:

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I dressed up as a girl one year for Halloween when I was about 12 or something. My neighbour came over and put makeup on me and I had a wig and wore girls clothes, I left it up to her to turn me into a girl.

I dressed up as a man once when I was 19 for Halloween. A drag king. This guy told me I made a better looking man than a woman. I remember feeling so good when he said that. Any straight woman would probably have felt like ■■■■.

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I have a cousin who lived as a man for about seven years.

Late thirties to early forties.

She was featured in a documentary about Drag Kings.

Now she dresses very much like a typical woman and dates men.


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In a friggin heartbeat. I would love to have a drag make-over.

Yes please!


I know for a fact that I will never date men again. And in all likelihood, women neither. The woman that I associate with now is only my best friend. We are, and have been for many years, platonic. And I suspect she’s dating someone. But I don’t know for sure and don’t want to know.

Too bad “Drag U” got cancelled.

I loved that show and cried every episode, I swear.

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Look up Diego Garijo. He’s a bare knuckle boxer and mma fighter who does drag queen shows as a side gig. He looks like a professional tough guy, and seeing him do drag shows is incredibly inspiring to break the mold and stereotypes. He’s an absolute badass! I think Vice did a short segment on him, look it up on YouTube. For some reason my phone isn’t letting me copy YouTube links.

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I looked him up.

I’ll have to watch the VICE documentary.


Thanks for sharing!

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Yeah! I use to ALWAYS be extra! Even I as a woman am jealous of how they look at times!