RuPaul, I have an honest question

So I’ve been rewatching RuPaul’s Drag Race and I noticed something I didn’t notice before.

I’m the only person they won’t let compete.

Not me personally, but cis women.

They’ve always had a ton of gay guys,

But in later seasons there was a trans man,

Two trans women,

And even a straight dude.

I wanna be a fancy, over-the-top Drag Queen.

I wanna meet RuPaul and be judged by Michelle Visage.

I can even sew a little bit.

More than some of the past queens have anyway.

Is there eventually going to be a point when they let everyone compete?


Why not send them an email or letter noting their oversight? They may be open to including all if you inform them of your thoughts. Seems like sending them the basic contents of what you posted here might yield results.


I actually have a letter to them saved in the computer.

I have an old letter from trying to get on the show “Drag U”.

Which was for cis women, but it got cancelled.


Hadn’t noticed until you mentioned it, but you’re right.

That sucks. If any show should be more inclusive it’s this one.

I mean, it’s kind of one of the main points of the show.

This may be ignorant, but I didn’t think you could technically be a drag queen if you are already a cis woman. I thought it only applied to others.


I looked up the defintion. It says “a person, usually male” on wikipedia.

"A drag queen is a person, usually male, who uses drag clothing and makeup to imitate and often exaggerate female gender signifiers and gender roles for entertainment purposes. "Wikipedia

So I guess others are not technically excluded.

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They let a trans man and trans woman on the show.

That’s why I question the whole thing.

Well, that’s part of the controversy behind transgendered, and how they apply to gender specific contests like this.

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I haven’t seen the show. But do they have drag kings on the show?

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No drag kings.

Just drag queens.

It’s a great show,

You should watch it!

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Probably because cis women already have beauty and modeling contests. Very sinilar to how theres black and latino and asian history months because every month is white history.

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I see where you’re coming from.

But I think of drag of more of an art,

Where pageants are just about looks.

To me it’s different,

But I understand what you’re saying.

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I don’t think you would get away with this in a drag club

I’ve seen that,

It’s brutal.

In her defense,

I’ve been in pageants and those ■■■■■■■■ questions do throw you off.

It’s like they’re trying to make you look dumb.

But that girl was clearly too nervous, I feel bad for her.

Still, it’s a classic clip.

And hilarious.

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I think you would be great for the show - they really want strong personalities.

I think shows are always evolving and adding something new - I know that designers like in project runway and other reality shows try year after year to get on.

Thank you.

I like to think I’d be a good drag queen too!

Just need to practice some make up.

I’m covered when it comes to drag clothes/dresses.

My sister is a very successful costume designer.

She got her start making drag in San Francisco.

Drag make up is really EXTRA

I think you can try do the make up with some extra household items like glue to glue down your brows to make fake brows.

An really big wig.

Those wigs are crazy expensive.

And the human hair ones?

Oy vey.

My sister says a lot of starting out drag queens just use drugstore makeup because they have to use so much of it.

So I guess I could practice with that stuff.

I think it’ll be fun.

I’m sure there are a million how-to videos on youtube.

Its really crazy how sophisticated their techniques have gotten.

And how trends have changed.

From 70s style Divine to the super realistic women types like Courtney Act.

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