Anyone like the “Jurassic Park” movies?

Had a movie binge of the JP series. Anyone else love these movies? The books are great too!

I did have a problem with the third one though. T Rex could beat spinosaurus any day. Stronger jaw power (jaws capable of crushing bone) and overall more aggressive.


I liked the porno adaptation - ‘Jurassic Pork’


Yeah. It is a good series. :t_rex::t_rex::t_rex:

The original Jurassic Park is one of the best movies ever. The sequels have gotten worse and worse.


I don’t like the Jurassic World movies. I found them boring.

When I watch them I think maybe they are the only movies Chris Pratt can get anymore. He has upset the public and not getting attention anymore.


The first is definitely the best.

We love them and own the series on Blu-ray. My daughter wasn’t a typical girly girl growing up, and we bought her stuffed dragons and plastic dinos instead of bears or dolls. I don’t think she’s ever owned a Barbie, but she loved the JP series.

I saw Jurassic Park in the movies as a kid. I thought the T. rex was scary on the big screen.

I like all of them

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I completely agree with this.

Thank you. You are very nice.

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I loves these movies as a kid!! I would also say the first was the best just like the matrix.


i love all of them =D i watched them all a couple of times.