Anyone know long it take haldol 300mg to leave your system

I’m waiting on the haldol to leave my system so I could start a new drug anyone knows how long it takes ?

Injection or oral?

Half life of depot haldol is 3 weeks. Usually med is out of the system after 5 half lives, so might take 15+ weeks to be out of the system

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It was Injection

Could you tell me which mg depot that is that takes 3 weeks ?

Haloperidol depot takes 3 weeks for one half life to pass

It’ll be effectively out of your system 3-4 weeks after injection. Most doctors will start the new antipsychotic at a low dose around 2-3 weeks and titrate up from there.

And that’s for 300 mg injection ?

It’s for pretty much any strength.

Ok thanks a lot I needed that information thank you

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