Anyone just taking long acting injection?

And don’t take any oral meds
I hope to be so
But my doctor don’t want take my opinion on that

I think my Invega Sustenna injection is long acting.

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Depends, do you manage to take your pills every day?

If not, you might be better served by an injection.

Your doctor should respect you, but you might not be providing him a good enough reason. If you have troubles with compliance and need an injection to make sure you have a steady dose of medicine, tell him thats what you want.

I find doctors and my medical team to be pretty reasonable people. If I was very forgetful about taking my pills I would definitely suffer, and if you do suffer from this, please make your case.

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I was on Invega Trinza prior to switching to Aripiprozole(Abilify). It was a once every three month injection. Not having to worry about taking pills was a nice benefit of the injection but I prefer the control I have with pills.

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I take Aristada 440. It’s a big improvement over Invega. I was on that for 2 years and had no real emotion, lots of depression.

My bipolar still comes out, a lot more than when on Invega, but it’s manageable.

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Is your doctor concerned about your ability to pay for treatment?

I was concerned at one point about being able to afford medication, and losing insurance, have you gone through something like that?

Your doctor might be giving you the best you can afford right now. I don’t know your situation well enough to really tell whats going on.

Yes I’m on Invega Sustenna its ok I have good days and bad days