Anyone into chess problems/tactics?

Anyone doing tactics at chess com? I suspect this is going to be a very lonely thread.


sorry, I don’t really play chess at that level of skill. I chop and change pieces as per the immediately possibility per turn, anything else is a mental construct I’m not versed in :confused:

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Practice is all it takes.

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I do tactics OTB.

Used to do tactics online.

I’m still not a good club player.


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What’s that?

Well, according to chess com I’m better at tactics than at playing, but to be honest I think tactics ratings at the place are inflated.

Over the board or On the board.


My middle game and end game is just okay. I’m horrible at openings. Definitely a 1. D4 player. :joy:


I might do it one day, but currently I am busy with other projects.
I do have a registered user on, and I often play against the computer on the site.

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Nothing wrong with 1. d4. But lots of players think there is something really wrong with the petrov defence, one of my favourites.

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I agree if a player can do some serious, early positional development.

I do. But my online elo is very low. 900-1200. I don’t have an official rating.

I don’t myself. But my mate is into chess. They play it like nearly every day online. And I’m keen to play them one day to see if I can beat them, doubt it.

Is that for tactics?

Maybe not at first, but some people are just naturally good at it. Worth having a try.


I just play online. I often make a brilliant move, only to lose on the spot.


More power to y’all who can play Chess. I’ve never even tried it. My dad tried to teach me though

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I have no idea why this reminds me of Queen’s Gambit.

I haven’t seen that show, looks too uplifting and rock&roll for me, but what do I know

no, for normal playing.

I used to.
But i lost interest in chess.

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