Anyone here take Solian (amisulpride)?

Hi folks. Anyone here take amisulpride (Solian)? My pdoc just prescribed it to me. What dosage do you take? Do you have elevated prolactin problems? Best regards

I don’t (the FDA has not approved it in the US), but…

Side Effects

Very Common (≥10% incidence)[29]

Extrapyramidal side effects (EPS; including dystonia, tremor, akathisia, parkinsonism). Produces a moderate degree of EPS; more than aripiprazole (not significantly, however), clozapine, iloperidone (not significantly), olanzapine (not significantly), quetiapine (not significantly) and sertindole; less than chlorpromazine (not significantly), haloperidol, lurasidone (not significantly), paliperidone (not significantly), risperidone (not significantly), ziprasidone (not significantly) and zotepine (not significantly).[9]

Common (≥1%, <10% incidence)[2][30][31][32]

Hyperprolactinaemia (which can lead to galactorrhoea, breast enlargement and tenderness, sexual dysfunction, etc.)
Weight gain (produces less weight gain than chlorpromazine, clozapine, iloperidone, olanzapine, paliperidone, quetiapine, risperidone, sertindole, zotepine and more (although not statistically significantly) weight gain than haloperidol, lurasidone, ziprasidone and approximately as much weight gain as aripiprazole and asenapine)[9]
Anticholinergic side effects (although it does not bind to the muscarinic acetylcholine receptors and hence these side effects are usually quite mild) such as

  • constipation
  • dry mouth
  • disorder of accommodation
  • Blurred vision

Rare (<1% incidence)[2][30][31][32]

Oculogyric crisis
Tardive dyskinesia
Blood dyscrasias such as leucopenia, neutropenia and agranulocytosis
QT interval prolongation (in a recent meta-analysis of the safety and efficacy of 15 antipsychotic drugs amisulpride was found to have the 2nd highest effect size for causing QT interval prolongation[9])

Hyperprolactinaemia results from antagonism of the D2 receptors located on the lactotrophic cells found in the anterior pituitary gland. Amisulpride has a high propensity for elevating plasma prolactin levels as a result of its poor blood-brain barrier penetrability and hence the resulting greater ratio of peripheral D2 occupancy to central D2 occupancy. This means that to achieve the sufficient occupancy (~60–80%[33]) of the central D2 receptors in order to elicit its therapeutic effects a dose must be given that is enough to saturate peripheral D2 receptors including those in the anterior pituitary.[34][35]

Somnolence. It produces minimal sedation due to its absence of cholinergic, histaminergic and alpha adrenergic receptor antagonism. It is one of the least sedating antipsychotics.[9]

Reviews online say it causes prolactin problems so no thank you.

I was on Amisulpride 800 mg/day for about 2 months. It caused horrific extrapiramidal side effects (akathisia, sensitive eyes etc) so I switched to Risperdal which was better and then I found Abilify which is even better than Risperdal. At least for me.

Amisulpride is famous for causing elevated prolactin. Which will give you side effects such as sexual dysfunction, osteoporosis, and breast enlargement in men.

One of my relative take this he has diabetes and 160 it s not a good drug.

Does latuda haven t prolactine issue like abilify?

Abilify doesn’t raise prolactin. Latuda raises it a little bit but nowhere near risperdal

Is latuda only available at america

I just checked the latuda and its not a good drug i think.and by the way it has same prolactine issue with other drugs.

I like Latuda because it doesn’t have h1 receptor antagonism which is wha causes all the weight gain in meds so for me the bad out ways the good. Latuda might be available where you are.

I have not taken it, but if you are taking it, I would love to hear the results of it. :smile:

I have taken it for five years. It’s done a great job. Yes it elevated prolactin but my pdoc doesn’t mind.

It’s been really effective with no noticeable side effects.

I take it in combination with seroquel

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I was on amisulpride a long time ago for about 2 years…made me really fat and feel bloated and i think I had other side effects but can’t remember them.

Yes, but my dose was even higher - 800mg. I had blurred vision akathisia sleeping issues … you name it, I had it. My pdoc switched me on risperdal, but an alternative would be to try out an antiparkinson med, such as Romparkin (I don’t know if it’s available in your country).

I’ve been told by the doctor Im seeing aripiprazole can stop prolactin levels from raising. And i think there’s two other medications you can take forgot what there called tho.