After almost two weeks of inaction

i finally got back out into the forest today and walked two miles with the dogs. did a little round the house and picked up the poo from the garden. my migraines have had me in bed for nearly two weeks but i’ve had enough of laying in bed. i need to do things round the house and take the dogs for their walks regardless of the pain i’m in. guess i just gave up for a while. back on track today.


it so sad to hear you have migraines on top of your symptoms

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In Recovery International we say: “Move the muscles and the mind will follow.” The idea is to command the brain to tell the muscles to move even though the brain has learned to refuse to tell them to move.


that is so true martin…the more i do, the better i feel. that’s it in a nutshell. xxx

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thank u bryan for ur concern. it is very much appreciated xxx

my sister in law has migrains and she said that ’ botox ’ helped !? how i don’t know.
just a thought.
take care

Jayne, the FDA here in the states just approved a revolutionary migraine treatment. Wear the headband for 20 minutes a day and it’s supposed to do wonders. Don’t know if something is in the works in the UK or not, but here’s the link. I thought of you when I saw this on tv.

thanks sith. i asked about botox but it’s not available in my area xxx

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thanks lovemyson. i have an ap with the dr on monday…i will ask about it xxx

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I’m sorry the headaches knocked you down so hard. But I’m glad your back up. :thumbsup:

I hope the first wisp of spring was around for your walk. I bet your woods are just waiting for that first hike in temp.

It was a lovely walk James. Spring has most definitely sprung in the forest. I was surrounded by midges once I got to the pond and a few horse flies put in an appearance. Loved every second of it. Didn’t manage to get out today but I’m hoping to get out tomorrow. Xxx

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:leaves: :maple_leaf: :sunflower: I have to admit…

I do like spring more then I used to… :tulip: :cherry_blossom: :blossom: :rose:

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