Doctor told me cars aren't real and that I'm imagining them

I was seeing lots of cars and said they were driving around my block just to harass me. I told this mental hospital doctor about the cars and that because there’s so many different makes and models I couldn’t identify them. He actually told me cars aren’t real and I’m just imagining them. I just about laughed in his stupid face. But if I challenged his authority in that hospital the jerk would have kept me there longer out of his God complex they all seem to have.


There was this particular car that would sit outside my parents different houses which ever one I was out. My parents had to have seen it at the time bit when o went to the doc they denied seeing it and the doctor said I was hallucinating


It’s not the cars … it’s how you view them and the gravity of the situation! Technically speaking it’s ideas of reference and paranoia that makes you feel it’s all special…Take the meds!

It helps and medications with most folks does the trick!


You’re correct. When I’m unable to get out of a location or am at home for the night I get that trapped feeling and get tense at some points a fly crawling up the wall can have some deep dark twisted meaning lol. I can’t help but believe I’m being toyed with at times regardless of how to myself and posrive im being

Take the pills…it’s better than placebo and then when you sort your shite out you do function…the best you can be on the mimimum dose you can do!


Thanks man, I have an app next week hopefully I can make some progress. Just going through a major setback that im not fully understanding


Cars are real, they’re just not driving around to harass you, that part’s not real. Maybe a language barrier? Every pdoc I have ever had was Indian and some had difficult accents.

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sucks to be us… literally have to cheat our own minds just to keep our sanity… to us, sanity is seeing the cars