Anyone have ocd?

Hey guys anyone else have severe ocd, and what helps you deal with it?

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I’ve got a bit of it.

Wash hands, check stove…wash hands , check stove…wash hands, check stove…

I have OCD. It manifests itself in a picking disorder. I’ve tried everything to mitigate it except one medicine which isn’t possible right now. I am doing pretty good at the moment I only have about 10 wounds. At my worst I had closer to 60 or 70. I also have had other compulsions in the past like having to have the light switches a certain way. I suffer from obsessions about spiders and other things that are unpleasant. Sometimes it’s hard to cope and I’m very uncomfortable and anxious. Cymbalta really helps with my anxiety a lot. I try not to get hard on myself when I obsess because that only makes it worse.

Oh yeah… idk about it being severe for me bit what is thought diffusion. Instead of just thinking about your obsessions say tk yourself “I’m having the thought that…” it helps some

I flick light switches twice…constantly checking the stove/ oven.

It doesn’t inhibit my daily routine, but it is a pain sometimes.

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