Anyone have nightmares resembling psychotic episodes?

When I first had psychotic breakdown my classmates at school were teasing me. Calling me names. Laughing about me.
After about a year or half I used to have nightmares resembling same situations. People who teased me in waking life were in my dreams. They were doing same things. Laughing. Teasing. But in waking life I was afraid of them. I still am to some degree. But in my dreams I wanted to beat them up. They would run away when I ran behind them. I have even beat some of them in my dream. But I found those dreams really disturbing.
Did any of you guys have same experience with dreams?

Yes I have florid nightmares almost every single night. Psychotic episodes included. Mostly nightmares of being interrogated and reminded of my past.

I have never experienced a single nightmare in my life. When a dream comes along that I do not understand it seems I just remove myself from the dreamers position and into the above in third person. I can change all the parts of my dreams and become any thing within them and take on any shape of anything. I don’t know if this was in response to early child hood memories now forgotten, but if it was I am thankful.


Whoa. Really interesting. Especially in view of other things you’ve shared. Can you see where I’m headed here?

No. Are you trying to brain ■■■■ me?

same here only sometimes i murder them brutally

No. I’m interested because I have seen so many paranoid delusional pts with histories of having been interrogated by parents or older siblings who had no respect for the pts boundaries and right to privacy.

I’m having a lot of dreams about trains…and running around, climbing them, it’s ■■■■■■■ terrifying cos it seems too real.But not strange since there’s a trainstation like 200 mters from my apartment. Having a hard time telling sleep from awake