Anyone had mania

I was maniac from age of 17 till 21, spending all your money as soon as you got it. Being very permiscious etc. The worst part about it is, they where the best times of my life and I would give my big toes to have them back. Anyone else had similar a experience

Yep. Big manic episode from 2011 to 2014, with a psychotic break on the mix there. Don’t miss the psychotic episode, but I kinda miss the exhilaration on life… Ah well. I’m a bit manic today, it all seems good and dandy. Really talkative too. In the next few hours it will go into a bit of a depression and hopefully afterwards a bit stable. My cycle is daily now. Used to take years to change, I think psychosis helps in this.

Yeah I agree the exhilaration on life was awesome, I actually hope it comeback, but I won’t make the mistake of letting delusional takeover, I personally believe you can scare the delusions out of some people and if anything I won’t take anything for granted again. We probably would have been good fun together if we knew each other lol

The one downside to mania is when you get a taste for something good you take it to the max. Weed drink sex etc

Yeah, with @Sarad and @SurprisedJ and @turningthepage

I’m actually a bit tired of this mornings mania today, I feel like doing a bunch of stuff but I’m just browsing the internet. I might clean the house now :smile: Such fun!

Yep. I have one year sobriety of drugs now, and a few days of alcohol, I slipped on that one.

Drugs and alcohol was never fun for me thinking back now that I’m clean 11 days. Sooooo glad to be sober. I’m sure some people had fun but for me it was just self medicating, trying to attain an image and addiction. I never wanna go back to it. Although i don’t regret it, I definitely don’t miss it.

I regret it actually, lost a lot of time doing it, could’ve been happier I think.

I’ve never been manic, just hopped up on overdoses of weightlifting stimulants. It was more like rage than mania. I had to stop that lifestyle because it’s known to make young men have heart attacks.

I did have well over a 1k lb lifting total and was in the lightest weight class. Well, my knees started to show signs of serious stress so I had to stop.

Now I do more running and calisthenics, low impact workouts that don’t require preworkout.

I used to yo-yo my Xanax and wait for the morning dose to wear off and then take preworkout and then lift like insane. I was also smoking at least a pack a day.

I looked healthy but was certainly not!

Is this the maniac dream team ? I’ve been stressing to much to be maniac for a while, had my first dose of it two days ago, had a good sing and a good dance but it seems to be every high has a low these days, constant and extended happiness and excitability over the smallest things were great.

I’m at a good place now that’s why I don’t regret it…and errr I’ve been humbled by my experience , seen more, and become who I am today :blush:

I was pumping 1000lb on leg press with ease and didn’t use any enhancer, it was my greatest achievement and I did it within 20 weeks of taking it seriously. Mania was the driver when I got a hold on something good I gave it everything then delusions took It away

Probably the only thing I regret is drinking till blackout because there’s no point if you don’t remember

I had severe mania for about 3-4 months due to a new drug I was taking and the anxiety it produced. I had 4 hours or less of rest every day, talked constantly, did a lot of pacing, and spent the small amount of money I had like it was going out of style. I also was an extrovert suddenly for possibly the first time in my life, flirted with women for the first time in my life, and nearly made a really bad life decision of shacking up with a woman when I didn’t have a job. I also alienated my family for the delusional anger I had towards them and got kicked off of Facebook. It made the relief from the voices the drug gave me not worth it. So I am off the drug now which stopped working on the voices anyway, am sleeping much better now, conserving my money, and have a much better attitude about life and my family. Sadly I am introverted again and very shy around women again but at least I am living within my means and not making foolish choices.

What drug was it if you don’t mind me asking?

It is not good to be manic.
I got pregnant in the times of mania.
Mania is bad.

It was the drug Latuda.

Might have to give that a go.

I’m beginning to think I was manic most of my childhood…

I was hyper… always awake… it was hard to sit still… concentrate… know were to begin with anything… I was always happy and energetic.

Then the psychotic break and it all fell apart.

I’m going through a bit of a hard time now. I have been a bit up and down… hard to focus… lots of brain wipe and lack of concentration… but I’ve been feeling energetic and universally connected… until I can’t sleep anymore.

After too much up… I know the crash is going to hurt.

The question is, is it just people’s nature? If I was to fully analysis my family and life up until the phycotsis, I would say many of my family are/were maniac but it’s accepted that’s just the way they are. The question of nurture also arises where I may have just emulated them in childhood and it just stuck till the point I twigged on to how I was getting on and tried to change myself resulting in a confused young adult, stressing too much