Anyone gone off Zyprexa

  1. Successfully?
    How Did you do it?
  2. Mirtazapine ?
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Best bet would be to speak with your pdoc.

They would probably help you taper.

Hope this helps.


It’s possible, but you probably need to replace it with something that helps you sleep.

There are hundreds of stories online about people who struggle with insomnia when coming down to 2.5mg or less.


I changed to a different antipsychotic.


I came off Olanzapine 20mg in 2015. I tried cold turkey, and it made me feel very sick from withdrawals. They then tried Aripiprazole, but that didn’t work for me and I had a relapse.

Mirtazapine I refused to even take, as with Olanzapine, a side effect of weight gain is unacceptable to me

I do not want to be made overweight and get complications from diabetes etc

I moved to zyprexa from risperdal. Tried abilify and that was a bust so went back to zyprexa. Happy as Larry.

It’s not a bad thing to seek better function on the meds. It really isn’t and if you have a good psydoc you will get some good advice there too. It’s not an exact science and you sometimes just need to try things. I’ve done that a lot seeking better function. Sometimes it works well. Sometimes it’s been an abject failure but I’m glad in the long run to fix on what I’m now on.

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I’ve been on zyprexa for 25 years.

The first time I took it for a year and I got better. I thought I didn’t need it anymore so I quit taking it. 30 days later I had a psychotic break. I felt ok up until then. It was like a switch went off in my head and I started having severe hallucinations.

I asked the doctor why it took 30 days. I was told that it is built up and store in your fat cells. It takes time for it to get out of your system.

The second psychotic break was really difficult to come back from.

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  1. Yes. I am no longer on Olanzapine.
  2. I’ve never heard of that med.

I started off on Olanzapine and it worked fairly well. But I had residual paranoia, and I believed that I was living in a fake world/existence which was exacerbated by the drugs. So I stopped them cold turkey. Ended up in hospital with psychosis. I now take Clozapine and Ziprasidone. Works well for me.

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I got off Zyprexa cause it wasn’t really working. Also.i gained about a good 30 pounds in a shot couple months.

Clozaril finally did the trick…in my case

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I’ve read hundreds of stories on the internet about people who quit Olanzapine and couldn’t sleep afterwards, but the docs deny it’s the Olanzapine because this problem hasn’t been written up in the literature. For some people it seems like it is not possible to go off it. They have chronic unrelenting insomnia and need to go back on it, sometimes going back on it doesn’t work.I read a story about a person that killed themselves because of it. That is where I am at. I quit Olanzapine, couldn’t sleep, went back on it but have to take sleeping pills now. It’s not fun.I’m in the process of increasing my Olanzapine from 2.5mg to see if I can sleep again.

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2,5 mg Olanzapin is a low dose. I take 15 mg.

I took olanzapine as a PRN for years. but then as a regular med it made me become delusional and I didn’t realize that it was the med making me worse. I tried stopping it but I ended up after a couple days taking it again. sort of trading one set of symptoms for another. I ended up going to the ER after 2 months of this awful experience, this doctor didn’t know me and I explained my diagnosis history of symptoms and how zyprexa was making me worse. he told me to forget zyprexa and gave me a script for 3mg invega, I felt better within a couple days. no tapering process, just a direct switch.

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Am taking it 20 year me ole zyprexa

makes me tranquil now since 2010


the meds help us

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Im going on to Risperdal consta now.

I lost weight when I stopped taking zyprexa! Yea I don’t know why they put me on it! I hate the med!! I didn’t take it for long!

They made me take it once in the emergency room! I don’t understand why they wouldn’t let me go home unless I took it once

Like there’s so many meds and why zyprexa be careful!!

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Lol yeah I was on Zyprexa for a couple months. I put on lots of weight!

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Been on Zyprexa 25 years and I put on 25 lbs of fat. I was a weightlifter for years so the extra weight fits my frame. I was putting on 10lbs of mussel a year working out. I was 135lbs when I started working out. When I quit working out I weighed 185 lbs of solid mussel. I’m at 210 now.

I’m not obese by any means. I had no body fat until I started taking Zyprexa. When I quit working out is when I gained the 25lbs.

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